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Maureen is very caring and attentive and wonderful to work with.  My father has very limited mobility and spent a couple of months in rehab after a fall.  Maureen really helped us get through that difficult time and process.  From helping us pick the right rehab center, getting the right occupational and physical therapy, to safety-proofing the house, she was with us every step of the way. More important, she has genuine compassion and care for the elderly, and was of tremendous personal comfort to my father. She was able to relate to his fears and concerns and help him get his mind and emotions around what was happening to him.  Could not have gotten through those difficult times without her. Thank you Maureen for just being you!

Lucia Nale, Park Ridge, IL

What I appreciate about Maureen is that she has over 25 years of combined education, training and experience. She provides a professional, comprehensive and wholehearted approach to the unique needs of older adults. Her style is to collaborate with families and other health care professionals, to provide an in-depth assessment of health, safety, and quality of life. She helps older adults and their families to find the best solutions that honor and respect their values, preferences, and resources.

Sharon Zima, LCSW

Maureen’s experience and expertise in working with older adults have had a positive impact on the caregivers who attend our weekly Caregiver Support Group. She knows the kinds of questions to ask to guide people to understand the next steps in the care of their loved ones. And when Maureen offers educational sessions at the YMCA, people learn how to improve their lives thanks to her insight and advice.

 Karen Brownlee, Adult Program Coordinator, at NSYMCA, Northbrook, IL

My mother has multiple medical problems that have left her wheelchair-bound for the last 5 years. Over the last couple of years, her vascular dementia has worsened and she has developed challenging behaviors. Maureen has been able to help myself and my sisters by carefully listening to us, and then offering suggestions and guidance so that we can support my mother living at home ,in her own environment.

Alan Cook, Philadelphia, PA

Maureen is an exceptional therapist who goes above and beyond. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the aging process and what older adults and their families need, she is also very caring and compassionate. She will take the extra steps to ensure that her patients experience the most positive and successful outcomes possible.

Laura Hackl, PT, Wilmette, IL

Maureen Kafkis is a highly capable and experienced professional who delivers high-quality personalized solutions for the elderly community. She has the distinct ability to understand exactly what each client needs, and delivers service that is uniquely best for them. I recommend Maureen to every single client who is seeking help in finding senior care services for their loved one.

Marina Geller, President Apt Home Care, Highland Park, IL

What makes Maureen a great advocate for her patients and families is her tremendous ability to listen to her client. Once she understands their needs and desires, she is able to anticipate and formulate a treatment plan that aligns with best practices and her patients.

Kim Fitzgerald,OTR/L, University NorthShore Health System, Evanston, IL

So much learned, and so much to think about, be grateful for, and start
living again. I feel so lucky to have met you. I am inspired every time I
talk with you. Thank you for your kindness and interest in a better life
for me and all of my family. XO

Mary  ( H2HM participant)

You are excellent at what you do! Thank you for being patient with me
as I go into this kicking and screaming, albeit silently. It is VERY
challenging for me to get out of my comfort zone and think outside of
my preferred boxes to do these things, but somehow you are getting me
to do that. I appreciate that you have allowed me to go at my own pace
and that you have found a way to get me to trust you to enable me to
even think about making changes. Kudos to you and your awesomeness,
I will continue to work on my goals.

Karen  (H2HM participant)