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Q & A



Q: What is occupational therapy?


A: According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, “The practice of occupational therapy means  the therapeutic use of occupations, including everyday life activities with individuals, groups, populations, or organizations to support participation, performance, and function in roles and situations in home, school, workplace, community, and other settings".


Q: What do you mean by preventive education and a proactive approach to aging?


A: Preventive education essentially means to gather information, figure out potential problems, and make the necessary changes to avoid negative events BEFORE they happen. Our current health system strongly favors a reactive approach, where older adults do not address issues until AFTER a health decline, fall, or accident.

A proactive approach to aging promotes identifying purpose in life, keeping your passions alive, and learning how to incorporate meaningful activities into your daily lifestyle. H2H values learning about mindfulness, cultivating  intuitive skills, and trusting the process for greater quality of life when things do not go as expected.

Q: What exactly is an Heart2Heart Makeover (H2HM)? 
A: The H2HM begins with (at minimum) a two hour session where H2H completes a comprehensive interview, obtains a detailed account of an individual's daily routine and becomes familiar with physical, cognitive, and psychosocial traits that may impact occupational performance. Once the assessment is completed a Personal Engagement Plan (PEP) is created by H2H through collaboration with the client.
In order to gain the maximum benefit of the H2HM, it is recommended that clients participate in at least five follow-up sessions that include accountability, education, collaboration, outings, and peer exchange. Each PEP is designed to be client centered and based on the needs of the individual. Clients can choose to complete the evaluation only and still benefit from H2HM by gaining direction in their lives and a PEP. Follow up sessions are available individually or at a discounted rate as a package. A new PEP can be established once current goals are met.
Q: Why should I pay H2H out of pocket for something that should be covered by insurance?

A: Sadly, preventive therapy and interventions are not usually covered by insurance and Medicare.  Until legislation is mandated that will change this, H2H believes that spending money early on is a sound investment that can save you a great deal of money, pain, and suffering down the road. H2H will be tracking outcomes of the H2HM program to contribute to research that may make the services billable in the future.


Q: How do I sign up for services?

A: Either message H2H on the contact page of the website, email heart2heartkafkis@gmail.com, or call  847-881-6036. I will get back to you and get the process started.